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Architecture • Consulting • Robotics • Technology

Complex problems.
Simple solutions.

On-demand digital consultancy services for the construction sector.


We offer specialist digital planning
services for the building sector.


Complex Modelling

We specialize in the computational design, modelling and analysis of complex structures at prototype, architectural and urban scales using innovative digital tools.

Workflow Design

We offer workflow design and optimization for design teams in the building industry. From concept design to BIM and fabrication, we help teams share data effectively and safely.

Digital Manufacturing

We collaborate with industry-leading partners in Denmark and Switzerland to connect our clients with high precision, flexible manufacturing solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

We implement various artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks into the construction process from procurement and design to fabrication.


Our Vision

Keeping it simple.


At Axis, we believe that the integration of digital technologies and services to the design and construction industries has been slow, expensive and overly complicated. We believe in keeping things simple and producing high quality results for our clients, helping them to acquire, manage and complete projects, on demand and on budget.

With ten years of experience in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, our team has worked on projects with design and manufacturing teams ranging in size from four to several hundred. Almost every project team struggles with scale-ability and specialist collaboration at a certain point in the design or manufacturing process.

Our talented, international team offer specialist services and collaborates with leading industrial partners so that your company can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Ryan Hughes
CEO, Architect & Computational Designer


Unique problems. Unique solutions.


Architecture + Design

Computational design and digital manufacturing technologies can help project teams to model and manufacture unmanageable complexity with incredible efficiency as well as making more informed design decisions based on building and urban scale anaysis and simulation results.

Having a computational expert full-time as part of a design team can be too large of an overhead for smaller practices, which is why we offer these services on-demand and per-project. From simple web-based interactive models and data-exchange (CAD - BIM), to complex parametric models and simulations, our network of computational experts can be available to assist when necessary, helping your team to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Our team of consultants specialize in minimizing modelling time and maximizing design time.



Analyze and visualize any variety of metric in 2D or 3D, helping to quantify soft metrics for development decision making.

Real Estate + Development

Get insights into potential development sites like never before. Not only do we develop client-specific analytic solutions, but we help to visualise it in a simple, useful way, enabling your project team to make more informed decisions.

We use artificial-intelligence-aided data analysis methods to identify potential sites at an urban scale and custom computational analysis workflows to analyse, simulate and predict a large array of variables, a small portion of which includes:

  • Simulated pedestrian and vehicular movement
  • Sightlines, potential building envelopes
  • Wind and shading simulations
  • Customizable building models


Production + Manufacturing

Whether you are setting up a production workflow for the first time and looking for help with design and integration or an established manufacturer looking to optimize existing pipelines, our robotics team and industry partners have a solution for you.

Our custom machine control interface can help you reduce programming times on your robots or CNC equipment by up to 98%, and our manufactuability checks help you to predict production problems before they happen.

Our full range of services include:

  • System design and integration
  • Parametric robot programming
  • Manufacturability checking and prediction
  • System / robot calibration
  • I/O, PLC programming and tooling

Time distribution and production uptime for a traditional workflow compared to a parametric workflow.


Cutting edge technology.
Without the hassle.

We believe that robotic technology shouldn't be the reserve of the digital elite. With industry-leading technology partners in Scandinavia and Switzerland, we offer simple interfaces to complex technology, allowing anyone to benefit from flexible manufacturing, without breaking the bank.


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